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Vampire is a Utility you can obtain in Stands Online.

Obtaining Vampire

To obtain the Vampire utility you must find a Stone Mask that has spawned in the world. Once you find one, you simply need to click on it and you'll put it on. Once the transformation animation is done, you will respawn as a vampire.

Abilities, Buffs, and Debuffs


In Stands Online, the Vampire utility grants you 2 extra abilities which do not require a stand to use.

Blood Drain: You thrust out your arm, causing anyone in it's range to be hit by the attack and have their blood drained, which also regenerates your hp. Blood drain damage and recovery is affected by strength and special.

Flash Freeze: You thrust your arm out, just like blood drain, but instead of draining blood, you freeze anyone hit by this move in place, causing them to be unable to move.

Buffs and Debuffs


Vampires gain the passive ability to drain blood from NPCs and other players. Draining blood heals Vampires, so it can give them the upper hand in a fight if you're not careful.


Vampires cannot stand in sunlight, if they do, they'll start to burn until they either find shade or die. Though, to get rid of the vampire ability, you either use a Rokakaka Fruit, or trade stands with another player.

Over Heaven Passive

In Stands Online, each utility has a 33% chance to get a passive from the Over Heaven evolution. The passive Vampires can get is Sun Immunity, which as the name suggests, allows them to survive under the sun.


  • Vampires have a different spawn point from regular players and Hamon users
  • Vampires take extra damage from Hamon infused attacks
  • You cannot have both Hamon and Vampire at the same time
  • You can't use the stone mask again after becoming a vampire