Suit Stands

Suit stands are special stand types of which cover the user, Instead of having an actual stand by the user's side. Some may have ice skates on the bottom, granting a special Skate move. The skate move is similar to Glide.

Jumpin gun over heaven.png
Photo of a suit stand, with the body of Suit Crazy Diamond and Ronin head.

Suit-stand Specific Bodies

20th Century Boy-  +10% damage, +20% defense, +5 seconds Absolute Defense. Also turns Gun into a Shotgun. Debuff: -10% Mobility.

Oasis- +10% Speed, +10% Defense, +5% Mobility, +Buffs Projectile Speed & Damage of Mud Spit by 20%. No debuffs.

White Album- A very common suit stand body. +20% Damage, +33% Gently Weeps damage, Enhances Skate, +25% Defense. Debuff: -25% Mobility.

Thatanos- A non canon suit. +20% Damage, +10% Defense, +10% Mobility. Debuff: -5% Speed.

Suit The World- +20% Speed, +20% Damage, +20% Knife Throw Damage, +2 Seconds to Time Stop, +5% Mobility, +5% Defense, +Enhances Reality Overwrite. No debuffs. A very good body.

Punch Knight- Non-canon. Looks similar to a cathedral knight in Dark Souls III. +40% Damage, +30% Defense. Debuff: -30% Mobility.

Blackmore's Jacket (Catch The Rainbow)-  +10% Speed, +5% Defense, +15% Mobility. Looks pretty cool ngl

Suit Crazy Diamond- +10% Speed, +15% Damage, +50% Healing Mode effectiveness, +10% Mobility, +20% Defense. No debuffs, pretty good.

The Hunter- A non canon jacket that is made to look like a set of armor from Bloodbourne. +35% Damage, +10% Speed, +25% Mobility, Converts Barrage to Slice (similar to Chop on King Crimson). Debuff: -20% Defense.

Pros And Cons


- Enhanced Buffs

- Look really nice


- Very limited range

- Easily countered by other stands range (especially kick barrages)

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