Stands Online Wiki

(Note: You cannot stack requiem on top of Over Heaven or the other way around, meaning you cannot be Over Heaven and Requiem at the same time.

There is a slight chance that you will get either Requiem Body, Requiem Head, or both. However, there is no guarantee.)

The Requiem Arrow is an item that either spawns randomly around the map, or one that can be bought from the Seller at the town hall. The Arrow can spawn every 2:30 minutes, but only has a 10% chance of doing so. Due to the increased spawn timer, it may be harder to find a Requiem Arrow than to find a Diary.

A Requiem Arrow can be used if you have a regular Stand to turn it into a Requiem Stand. These Stands will get a third move assigned to the Y key (MUST BE LVL 200 TO USE), and have a chance to increase your Stand's stats and to upgrade your Stand's body into a Requiem Body, which changes its physical appearance and increases the extent of the bonus that they give.

If you use a Requiem Arrow without having a Stand, you will get a Stand with an overall higher stat average than you would get from using a regular arrow. Nonetheless, because of its main effect, it is not advised to use a Requiem Arrow to get a Stand, unless you want to get the best Stand possible, or you just want to get an Over Heaven Stand.

Below are a list of the Stand bodies and heads that can be turned into Requiem bodies and heads, and also a list of moves obtainable by using a Requiem Arrow.


Time Stop - Stops every player, (unless they meet a special condition, like having Time Stop Movement or a Stand with Golden Experience's Requiem body) except for the user, in place for 5 seconds, increasing 1 second for every 250 points you have distributed in your Special stat. While time is stopped, Stand abilities will function as normal, except for Knife Throw, for which the knives will stay in place until Time Stop's effect ends, point at which the knives will start moving again.


Time Erase - Allows the player to enter a space-like zone. In this zone, the player can move around freely for 5 seconds (+1 for every 400 Special distributed, +3/+5 for King Crimson's/King Crimson's Requiem body), and cannot be seen by other players. The user leaves an unmoving clone in the place that they activated the ability, and the screen will flash purple, indicating other players of it's activation. (Legendary)

High Power Barrage - Passive skill that makes your regular Barrage attack deal 40% less damage, but doubles its speed. Having high power barrage with chop will turn chop into chop barrage, which does 3 chops instead of one. (Rare)

Universal Barrage - Move that makes your Stand target a player or NPC you have your cursor on. When you press the button, Your Stand will home into that player, and attack them using a Barrage. The range on the ability is unlimited (as long as you can actually see and put your cursor on your target), but the farther your stand goes, the weaker its attack will be. (Rare)

Bites the Dust - When used, your stand will place a bomb on any player or NPC your mouse is hovering over. When the bomb is detonated, an explosion will occur where the target currently is, which returns both the user and the target back to where they had been standing when the bomb was planted. Additionally, the explosion will return the health of the user and target back to what is was when the bomb was planted.

Eraser Hand - Heavy Punch variant. The flat damage and scaling is higher on this move. (Common

Freeze - Medium ranged attack wich turn your target 80% slower by a certain time by hovering the cursor over the target.

Crossfire Hurricane - Skill that makes your Stand deploy 3 Fire Ankhs that move in a line. The middle Fire Ankh will move wherever you aim it at, while the other two will move in a trajectory slightly to the left and right of the middle one. When the Ankhs collide, they will deal AOE damage scaling with your Special stat, as well as inflicting damage over time. (Common)

Void Ball - You and your stand are consumed by a black sphere, only to then vanish and shoot forward in a straight line. Anyone hit by the attack will take immense damage, and any object which can be destroyed that is hit by the attack will be erased.

Gently Weeps - Creates a field of ice that reflects projectiles and damages players in a certain radius. (Note: this is only available for suit stands.)

Requiem Bodies

All of the following Stands have both a Requiem Body, and a Requiem Head. Requiem Head, nonetheless, does literally nothing for the majority of these stands. The exception, however, will be stated on the buff list.

  • Silver Chariot (+150% Speed, +20% Damage, +303% Sword Barrage Damage.)
  • Gold Experience (+40% Speed, +20% Damage, Time Stop Movement passive, +50% Life Punch Damage.)
  • Whitesnake (+32% Damage, +47% Speed [with Punch Barrage], +15% Speed [with Kick Barrage])
  • The World (+25% Speed, +254% Damage, +35% Knife Throw Damage, +6.5 Seconds to Time Stop.)
  • THE WORLD [Diego Brando's The World] (+30% Damage, +40% Speed, +2 Seconds to Time Stop, Gun will shoot 8 bullets.)
  • Star Platinum [Prime] (+50% Damage, +30% Speed, can move in Time Stop for 5 seconds.)
  • Star Platinum [Part 4] (+40% Damage, +15% Speed increase +4 Seconds of Time Stop, +3 Seconds of Time Stop Movement.)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C) (+35% Damage, +35% Speed.)
  • Killer Queen (+154% Damage, +40% Speed, +40% Primary Bomb Damage.)
  • Magician's Red (+Burn damage [Scales with Special], Fire Ankh moves deal extra damage, Barrage and Heavy Punch deal Burn DOT, -10% Damage.)
  • Black Sabbath (+25% Damage, +40% Speed.)
  • The Hand (+410% Increased Damage, +50% Eraser Hand Increased Damage, -70% Speed)
  • Soft & Wet (+604% Damage, +15% Speed.)
  • Diver Down (+80% Damage, -40% Speed.)
  • Made In Heaven (+100% Speed, +25% Damage,6+ Shots to gun,+25% Knife throw damage,6+ Seconds to Time Acceleration)
  • Cream (+70% Damage, -25% Speed.)
  • Enigma (+30% Speed, +30% Damage)
  • Ball Breaker (+60% Speed)
  • Atum (+60% Damage)
  • King Crimson (+60% Damage, +5 Seconds of Time Erase, Chop becomes Chop Barrage. King Crimson's Requiem head gives +2 Seconds of Future Sight.)
  • Love Love Deluxe (+30% Damage, +25% Speed) Stone Free (+65% Damage, +10% Speed)