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Brief Summary

The Forest is a place recommended for players 100-300. It has 2 main areas: the Gorilla area and the Werewolf area. Items can spawn here as well. Once you're done farming Werewolves and Gorillas and get to level 300, you should head to the Menacing Wastelands to take out Vampires and Zombies.

Gorilla Area

The Gorilla Quest can be done by anybody at level 80 or higher. It requires you to kill 15 gorillas for 100,000 XP and 1,000 cash. Each gorilla gives 500 cash, so this quest gives 8500 cash in total.

The Gorilla Quest giver.

Gorillas spawn spread out near trees, with the farthest gorilla away from the quest giver near the werewolves. There are 7 gorillas in total. Near the farthest gorilla is a circle of spikes made out of rock, which items can spawn inside in.

Werewolf Area

Once you're level 150, you should head to the Werewolf Area to do the Werewolf Quest. The Quest Giver is near 2 homes, with 5 werewolves near the trees behind him. To complete the quest, you have to kill 15 werewolves giving you 450,000 XP and 3,000 cash. Each werewolf gives you 1,000 cash for killing it, giving you a total of 18,000 cash for completing this quest.

The Werewolf Quest giver.